Balochistan Issue and Left Groups’ Responsibility

Muhammad  Akbar Notezai

 The incontrovertible situation of Balochistan is fiendishly complicated due to the apathy of right-wing politics of Pakistan since rightists have been using the name of Balochistan as a “tool” to get their interests fulfilled. They do not seem to reconcile; therefore, they have almost lost their role in Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan .At present time, everyone is well au fait that Balochistan’s most horrible situation can’t be resolved by rightists. Instead, they are further adding salts to the wounds of Balochistan’s people.

It is crystal clear, right groups have got no trucks with enforced disappearances, and systematically “Kill and dump” continued in Balochistan.  They are merely doing politics on these inhuman acts, busy in currying the favor of pigheaded establishment and started minting money.

The oppressed, suppressed and repressed Balochs are further being pushed to the wall with the collaboration of these right groups of Pakistan. Additionally, they, in spite of knowing the genuine issue of Balochistan, narrate cock and bull stories when they are asked.

Unfortunately, Pakistan’s left groups also seem dormant about the issue of Balochistan, as the did not pay attention at inhuman acts and injustices in East Pakistan. They are not trying to analyze the issue of Balochistan scientifically that to get the solution of it.

Accordingly, many of the enlightened and progressive comrades are afraid to focus or discuss Baloch Issue. Due to focusing or discussing the issue of Balochistan, they speak out, class struggle recedes, however it seems paradoxical that without solving the “National Question”, the class struggle doesn’t succeed.

According to Stalin: “The policy of national persecution is dangerous to the cause of proletariat also on another account this creates a serious obstacle to the cause of uniting the workers of all nationalities to combat the policy of national oppression in all its forms, from the most subtle to the most crude.”

 It is the biggest draw back of the leftists that they don’t adopt any conspicuous notion on pragmatic political issues, as it is manifest; leftists are limited to the group conversations and drawing rooms. That is why they’ve been getting failed to divulge their strategy about the Baluchistan’s issue.

Communist Party of India (Maoist) condemns the incident of Salala Check Post, then why don’t the Pakistan’s left-groups don’t raise voice on the issue of Balochistan???

It is also alleged that left groups of Pakistan seem to have their boundary demarcated from the other people of Pakistan; it is due to their sluggish attitude and lack of concern towards the main issues.

 Moreover, it needs to be inculcated in our mind that, Balochistan’s people are deprived of their basic necessities, besides it, they have been facing the fifth military operation in the province since 1948. The five military operations dated as: 1st 1948, 2nd 1958, 3rd 1962, 4th 1973 and the fifth ongoing operation resumed in 2004. Despite launching these operations, so-called Sardars and collaborators of capitalists assert that Balochs are being funded by foreign countries, which has become clichéd before everyone, not a new allegation, because they make these attempts to divert the attention of the people from the key issue.

Underground organizations, involved in resistance movement, first time stressed on class struggle, which has further firmly been endeavored by them to articulate it with the National Question.

It must be understood clearly that that the National Question and Class Struggle are so integrated that these can’t be separated in any condition.

So, the left groups of Pakistan ought to come forth to have their hands involved in it because it may give a space to socialism in Balochistan.

Let us give light to Stalin’s four basic principles regarding “National Question”.

1.National question and Neo-colonies issues are related to the elimination of capitalist issue.

2.Imperialists can’t persist with making the unequal nations and Neo-colonies the slave.

3.Unequal nations and neo-colonies can’t get freedom without the elimination of capitalist’s rule.

4: Working class’s revolution can’t persist until or unless the unequal nations and neo-colonies are given the right of freedom.

To wind up these all, it is necessary for the left groups that they should acknowledge the issue of Balochistan the biggest issue of the country. They should completely condemn the continued “Kill and dump” campaign against the Baloch people as well as should consolidate and beef up their unity. In doing so, they can provide soul into the body of left wing’s politics.

 (Courtesy to: The Balochistan Point)


About Muhammad Akbar Notezai

Muhammad Akbar Notezai is a columnist-cum-political interviewer. He basically belongs to the largest district of Pakistan, Chaghi, which makes a triangular border with Afghanistan and Iran. He was born in Dalbandin (Headquarter of Chaghi), but presently he is living in Quetta. He contributes to these newspapers and periodicals: the Daily Times, The Baloch Hal, View Point, Bolan Voice, Power Politics (An Indian National Magazine), The Balochistan Point and Daily Balochistan Express, Quetta. In addition, he writes and interviews on social, political, cultural and Economic issues of Balochistan. He also covers Iranian Balochistan and Afghanistan.

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