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The Unreported Chaghi, Balochistan

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai

Chaghi, in spite of being entitled “Golden” district of Pakistan; it is deserted economically, socially and politically. It is due to the non-genuine representatives and rulers including the unprofessional local journalists, lamentably, who are puppet at the hands of local elites of the underprivileged area.

Nonetheless, a guy unlike me needs dozens of blank pages beside him to fill them for the purpose of shedding light on abject condition of the Baloch people of Chaghi that they’re living in medieval ages in today’s advanced and technological globe.

The world knows Chaghi for the ‘Nuclear tests’ of Pakistan at one of its famous mountains namely Raskoh. Besides it, district is also known to have world’s top class copper and gold in Saindak and Reko Diq but it is pathetic to know about the manifold of basic problems of the Chaghi local Baloch people.

The found resources in Chagi contribute to a great extent in the economy of Pakistan. It is, however, pertinent to assert that mega projects are running in Chaghi with celerity; unfortunately, these mega projects have not been providing facilities to neighborhood Baloch people so far. The neighborhood Baloch people are even deprived of their basic needs.

Some instances in the mega projects are contrary to the claimsings made by Govnament for the prosperity of Baloch people . Killi Siya Rake is only 2 kilometers from Reko Diq project, its people neither have drinking water nor any primary school over there. Secondly, the places is the Killi Hummai, it is approximately 15 kilometers from the Reko Diq project. It merely as a primary school, rest of the facilities are no where to be seen. Thirdly, the two more places Killi Mashkicha and Killi Durbulcha, are also in proximity to the same mega project, have the same look like the two above mentioned places. It signifies the mega projects are just running to exploit the resources of indigenous Baloch people, not to help them.

On the other hand, Saindak Project, from where gold and copper have been extracting for more than 10 years, but it’s not provided a tinge of benefit to the Baloch people of its vicinity. The places: Sarzi, Kachao and taftan, these places are completely lacking the basic needs.

Nevertheless, before having a beam of light thrown on some others problems, let us bring into consideration the dereliction of local journalists towards the problems of district Chaghi.

The engagement of unprofessional journalists in the field of Journalism has caused a great loss of district Chaghi because a large number of social, political and economic issues have remained unreported due to their poor reporting. The journalist rather than highlighting local backwardness and social issues follow favoritism and work against the ethics of journalism. That is why no voice has been raised on problems of Chaghi so far, because the local journalist never brought these into light.

There is also great shortage of water in district Chaghi as compared to other districts of Balochistan. Even the headquarter of Chaghi, Dalbandin, which doesn’t have adequate water that people would bring from there. Unthinkably, people go to its outing places to fetch water, especially from wells.

The shortage of water in the rural areas is more worsened, where human and animals have water from a single source. Many of the animals die due to scarcity of water; also, some of the villagers abandoned their dwelling places.

In short, it should be the top priority of local journalists to highlight the problems of Chaghi’s Baloch people as much as possible so that the problems may come under discussion at higher level, and may be resolved to a greater extent.

(Courtesy to: The Balochistan Point)


Let everyone know

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai

The politics of Mr. Akhtar Mengal has taken a dramatized position in Balochistan .The case becomes more complicated if anyone glances at the present politics of Mr. Mengal and his party BNP-M that how they are not consented to one point. The all-rounder chief of BNP-M and his party-men, both of them are playing from two angles. If discussants discuss the non-parliamentarian Balochs, then BNP (M) comes forth to have a confabulation, or if they want to proceed towards parliamentarian Balochs, again, find the same fellows. So, certainly, their double sided stratagem is beyond understanding, even for their own oblivious activists.

Mr. Mengal, on the first day of his arrival in Islamabad, said to media persons, “We participated in elections after 70s military operation in Balochistan”. It indicates that he and his party-men are going to participate in upcoming elections. If they really wanted to take U-turn, then what made them think to resign from their seats?

In past, Mr. Mengal had been vociferating that he would never have political, constitutional and social relations with Pakistan after the assassination of Nawab Akbar

Khan Bugti. He further said that he wouldn’t have iota of thought to live with that country which doesn’t have any kudos for the elders of Balochistan. Subsequently, he quit sloganeering for provincial autonomy, and went for right of self-determination to the Baloch people. After that, the all leaders of BNP (M) resigned from their seats, which seemed that they wouldn’t be back at any cost. Then Mr. Mengal was put behind the bars as he firmly announced for a long march with his party-men. It signifies that he was not even permitted to protest democratically.

His recent visit to Islamabad for Balochistan’s problems, and going to Supreme Court confuses everyone that how could he forget the oppressions on his own self and the people of Balochistan, continued up till today?

The 64 years practices suggest that rulers have never been interested in resolving the issues of Balochistan. Now, how can they be?

Mr. Mengal, before he would ask the U.N.O. to intervene in Balochistan, now he staggeringly knocks the door of deaf and dumb Islamabad. He is pretty sure too that he would not be given justice from Islamabad and apex court-so it was better that his inclination should already have been towards U.N.O.

Surely, Mr. Mengal is not going to forget the “Kill and dump policy”, systematic genocide of Balochs and their appalling abductions so soon. That is why he presented the six points which are as:

1. All covert and overt military operations against the Baloch should immediately be suspended.

2. All missing persons should be procured before a court of law.

3. All proxy death squads operating under the supervision of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) should be disbanded.

4. Baloch political parties should be allowed to function and resume their political activities without any interference from intelligence agencies.

5. Persons responsible for inhuman torture, killing and dumping of dead bodies of the Baloch political leaders and activists should be brought to justice.

6. Measures should be taken for the rehabilitation of thousands of displaced Baloch living in appalling condition.

Undoubtedly, all the people of Balochistan want these points to be implemented like Mr. Mengal, but government officials have already negated these 6 points.

There are volley of queries being posed: If BNP-M stalwarts were sure that they wouldn’t get the problems of Balochistan’s resolved, so why did they come back?  If BNP-Mengal’s watchword “Establishment doesn’t seem flexible towards the issue of Balochistan”. So, how would establishment be attentive towards you this time? Even what was the compulsion that Mr. Mengal forgave the PML-N chief who toppled down his government?

It is also reputed that Mr. Mengal’s visit to Islamabad distanced many Balochs from him and his party. And many of Baloch leaders, Khan of Kalat, Kachkol Ali Advocate and Dr. Hakeem Lehri scathingly denounced his visit. They called it a “deal with establishment”.

It is high time for the Sardar Akhtar Mengal to assure the people of Balochistan because fingers are already being raised at him, especially from the non-parliamentary Baloch parties. Also, let everyone know that which way are you following?

(Courtesy to: The Balochistan Point)



The state of education in Balochistan

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai

It is pertinent to assert that nations can reform and reach the pinnacle of success by virtue of education. Indeed, when Almighty Allah decreed the human beings in incipient time, and HE said to them, “Read in the name of your lord”. Subsequently, last Prophet (PBUH) also exhorted his followers for getting education, but on the other hand, despite living in an Islamic country, educational institutions of Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan, have been wearing a deserted look for 64 years. It is due to the pigheaded federal and provincial government’s apathy and negligence, and their further same biased attitude may close the doors of education for Baloch students in Balochistan.

As one of the Japanese scholars said, “If you want to keep a nation into the darkness of ignorance, then snatch the right of education from him.” Unfortunately, his this saying is being pursued in Balochistan on Baloch nation because as compared to educational institutions, military garrisons, check posts, police stations and soldiers’  training centers are in great number. It is surprising that educational institutions of Balochistan have been converted somewhat into residing places for soldiers.

The further shattered picture of education can be found in rural and tribal areas of Balochistan. In these areas, hapless students can neither catch the glimpse of their teachers nor can sit in broken buildings of their schools. Majority of male and female teachers of those areas are enjoying the salary in provincial capital Quetta.

As a matter of fact, 70 per cent populations of poverty stricken people are dwelling in rural and tribal areas of Balochistan. They can’t afford to send their children to Quetta for getting quality education; it is the fact that the future of our youth is bleak and lagging in all walks of life.

It is surprising, on these small Human Rights Violations, no one  is raising voice except BSAC (Baloch Students Action Committee) who, despite having limited resource, make every endeavor to highlight and show the bleak picture of education in print and electronic media as well as to dispatch their annual education report to Governor, Chief Minister and ministers for reminding them.

What is irony that Balochistan, despite being the total 43% area of Pakistan blessed with very rich natural resources, like Oil, Gas and minerals, has lowest number of institutions in the country, according to NEC: “Out of total number of institutions in the country, 48 per cent in Punjab, 22 per cent in Sindh, 17 per cent in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 5 per cent in Balochistan”. Staggeringly, in these 5 per cent counted educational institutions of Balochistan barely exists with worsened infrastructure.

Incontrovertibly, on other side, the belligerent situation of Balochistan has also affected the education system of Balochistan substantially. Because in this status quo of Balochistan nearly 98 students have been sadistically killed, which put the other students of Balochistan in trouble, also a great number of students are missing in the province.

In present backbreaking scenario of Balochistan, not only Baloch students are terrorized but also the Pashtun and Hazaras. Lamentably, it is by virtue of so-called democratic government of PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) which hasn’t been grappling the issue seriously in Balochistan, but it’s vice versa, Chief Minister of PPP holds responsible the concomitant circumstances of Balochistan for the worsened education system of Balochistan. As it is apparent that provincial government itself is responsible for the bad condition of education of Balochistan.

Whilst PPP government came into power, the education system of Balochistan faced decline. PPP’s Chief Minister and his toadies not only left education sector but also did in all sectors.

Unthinkably, the well known BRCs (Balochistan Residential Colleges) first time in the history of Balochistan, due to embezzlement of funds, at the time of same government, were about to be closed. They till today have been inducting incompetent, unqualified and their own chosen people into BRCs, which ruined the standard of education at BRCs, too.

The education minister of PPP doesn’t bother himself to go out of Quetta to have a look at the deplorable condition of educational institutions in other areas of Balochistan.

As far as Pashtun belt of Balochistan is concerned, except Pishin district, rest of the districts of Pashtun belt of Balochistan is also replete with the same problems. They face hardships while getting education at their places, reason is due to lack of facilities. Many of the schools and colleges of the Pashtun districts are suffering from red tap-ism.

Punjab, despite being well developed province of Pakistan, its students are being given laptops. But, unfortunately, students of Balochistan don’t have pen and books to read and write. In its opposite when students of Balochistan protest or stage a sit-in for their legal rights they get beaten charged or threshed by Frontier Corpse (F.C) personnel. It signifies that the right of raising voice for their legal rights has also been snatched from them.

Dr. Ababagar Baloch, spokesman of Baloch Students Action committee, said, “Due to mismanaged and misgoverned government education system of Balochistan is not improving. The provincial government has been inducting matriculation passed and unqualified teachers and send them to the rural areas of Balochistan like Gwadar, Washuk, Hub and Chaghi, etc. They rarely go to take classes there, rest of the time they are enjoying their salary in provincial capital Quetta.”

He further gave the figure of Baloch teachers at Balochistan University:  “1 Baloch teacher on grade 20 and 1 on grade 19. Out of 24 associate professors only 1 Baloch associate professor is at Balochistan University, further more, there are 133 assistant professors in which 16 of them are Balochs, 36 professors in which 5 are Balochs and out of 289 lecturers only 43 lecturers are Balochs.”

It means total number of teachers at Balochistan University becomes 482 in which just 65 teachers are Balochs. It is quite surprising to know that these 65 teachers belong to languages departments where non-Balochs can’t come.

Unluckily, number of Baloch teachers’ is alike like Balochistan University at other institutions of the province too, where non local non-Balochs occupied the seats of Baloch teachers without coming through merit.

Moreover, NGOs have been claiming to have spent millions of rupees on schools, colleges and universities of the Balochistan, but if we only have a glance over Quetta’s schools and colleges, it becomes clear like a crystal that money was announced by them only in news papers, who claimed to have used that money on institutions of Balochistan, not in reality, otherwise, if they really would be sincere, then the bad condition of institutions, to some extent, would be improved.

It is worth mentioning that the new appointees, in Aghaz-a-haqooq-Balochistan, came through discrimination, therefore, problems in education sector got compounded further because they junior, recommended and unqualified teachers could not improve the standard of education in the Balochistan. The teachers of Aghaz-a-haqooq-Balochistan package are not being paid salary on time, too. This is the reason they seem less interested in teaching and taking their classes with regularity.

Government, instead of providing so-called packages, at first, they ought to eliminate the role as well as the presence of Frontier Corpse (F.C) personnel in institutions because due their presence at Degree College, Quette, which has compelled a great number of students to migrate and abandon the college. So, its better that government should endeavor to resolve the issue as soon as possible, otherwise, tranquility of Balochistan will be lost forever if students are kept away from getting education.

 (Courtesy to: The Balochistan Point)

140 Missing Children in Balochistan

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai Provincial government, no doubt, from the very beginning, failed to ensure the protection of masses, especially of the guiltless children, who are missing in Balochistan. As it is manifest to all and sundry that Chief Minister, ministers of the coalition government linger on weeks and months in Islamabad, so in this way how can they take out time to tackle these kinds of issues?

 In Quetta, after the missing of these 140 children, Acting D.I.G Operation Wazir Khan Nasir said that besides children’s missing, 103 people had been kidnapped from Balochistan in which 80 of them recovered and 30 are still missing. He further said, “The people were kidnapped for ransom.” But, unfortunately, he could not divulge the apparent reason behind children’s missing.

Presently, in the province, of course, problems of the people are getting intensified due to the efficiency and lack of concern of government because not only people are facing children’s missing issue but also the targeted killing, missing Balochs’ issue and the throwing of the decomposed bodies. Now the government is further more apathetic towards the issues of the people, especially of the missing children, because of the upcoming election. Therefore, they don’t seem to have trucks with them.

On the other hand, the children’s sudden disappearance also possesses negative consequences on innocent children, remember, if the children go missing for a long duration, then it adversely becomes harmful to the children. In happening so, children get isolated from their parents and normal living environment.

At last, it is government’s basic responsibility to recover missing children as soon as possible, also to ensure the safety of children so that the parents may send them to their schools without any tension.

(Courtesy to: The Balochistan Point)