Demand for a separate province….!

The present government has started a debate in the country about new provinces whether to make or not. It wasn’t ended at all that Pashtoon Khuwa called for a procession in Quetta at Sadiq Shaheed stadium. Accordingly, Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) leaders, addressing a public gathering, categorically said that they wouldn’t live  with Baloch people any longer and demanded for a separate province, despite having already one Pashtoon province in country i.e. Kyber Pakthun Khuwa. They further talked of Baloch places Sibi, Bolan and Quetta, too, that these places would be the part of their South Pashtoon Khuwa. Ironically, they instead of being sympathetic to Balochs at the time of need, they rub salts on their wounds.

When Akbar Khan Bugti, former Chief Minister of Balochistan, invited Pashtoon leaders to demarcate their province, so none of them bothered to go towards Akbar Khan Bugti, then why do they vociferate for a new province, now?

Even many times, some other Baloch leaders had been agreeing to leave the Pashtoon places up to them whether they separate it or merge it in Kyber Pakthun Khuwa, but they did not seem to be ready for it, now they started chanting slogan for new province along with Baloch real places.

On the other hand, a war has been going on in Balochistan between Balochs and state since 2001, ever since many Baloch leaders, intellectuals, doctors, journalists and students in great number, have been killed systematically and brutally. Hundreds of bullet riddled bodies of Baloch youth are being thrown by establishment in desolated areas. Realistically, state’s own institutions, like judiciary and Human Rights Organizations, declared Balochistan a perturbed zone.

Sadly, Balochs’ neighbor and brother nation Pashtoon never condemned these killings, unfortunately, in it’s vice versa they want to vent their anger on them, rather assisting at the time of need.

On 25th June, 2012, quite surprisingly, Mehmood Khan Achakzai, addressing the public gathering, said, “Baloch should no more compel us for announcement of a separate province , if we are not enjoying, so we also won’t let Balochs for enjoyment. From Sibi to Chaman is Pashtoons’ land, including Bolan.”

Moreover, it is cleared to everyone that hapless Baloch people have never enjoyed, in spite of living in a mineral rich province. They have been pushed to the wall many times. If Baloch people would enjoy, certainly, their mothers and sisters would not be sitting near press clubs. The bulled riddled bodies of Baloch people would not be found on daily basis, too. Truly, Balochs’ economy has been affected completely, too by state forces operations. But, Mr. Achakzai calls these all enjoyments!

Mehmood Khan Achakzai is mourning for trucks of Pashtoon people robbed in Baloch areas, not over the massacre of Baloch people. Accordingly, many trucks of Pashtoons have been robbed in Sindh, Punjab and even in his hometown i.e. Chaman, but he is tacit regarding these places.

BNP (Mengal) leader Akhter Mengal in reaction of Pashtoon Khuwa demand said that Mehmood Khan Achakzai is head of PONM (Pakistan’s Oppressed Nation’s Movement) but, unfortunately, this time he strayed from main agenda and working on someone else’s agenda. He further said Pashtoons should have consoled their oppressed Baloch brothers.

Mehmood Khan Achakzai gave the reference of British gazette at the public gathering, so he should remember that Baloch areas and history is thousands years old.

Approximately 40, 0000 Afghan refugees have been accommodated in Balochistan so far; they have been given places by Baloch people when they were homeless after immigration. The Pashtoons are accommodated in Baloch district Chaghi: Girdi Jungle, Zahoor colony, Posti, Brabcha and also in adjacent areas of Chagai. In Nushki: Qadir Abad, Faqeeran and Inaam Boisthan. So, Baloch people how can defraud Pashtoons?

The question stirs in minds of all Pashtoon Khuwa people, that the real issue is Durand Line and prominent Pashtoon nationalist Abdul Ghaffar Khan did not confess it, and as a testament his bodies to be buried in Afghanistan because he did want to distinguish Afghanistan’s Afghans and Pakistan’s Afghans. Well, on the other hand, Pashhtoon Khuwa   totally negates Durand Line issue because the lease of hundred years got expired in 1993.

In fact, Pashtoon Khuwa’s people are enjoying state’s incentives and jobs on behalf of Balochs, will lose all if continued the same attitude. They are occupying all administrative posts, also enjoying mostly educational seats. So, it is better to live like a neighbor as a Chinese maxim “From far living relative, living in neighbor stranger is better”. So, be like a good neighbor, otherwise, the fraternity between Balochs and Pashtoons will be stiff to exist.

(Courtesy to: Bolan Voice)


About Muhammad Akbar Notezai

Muhammad Akbar Notezai is a columnist-cum-political interviewer. He basically belongs to the largest district of Pakistan, Chaghi, which makes a triangular border with Afghanistan and Iran. He was born in Dalbandin (Headquarter of Chaghi), but presently he is living in Quetta. He contributes to these newspapers and periodicals: the Daily Times, The Baloch Hal, View Point, Bolan Voice, Power Politics (An Indian National Magazine), The Balochistan Point and Daily Balochistan Express, Quetta. In addition, he writes and interviews on social, political, cultural and Economic issues of Balochistan. He also covers Iranian Balochistan and Afghanistan.

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    very good i went through all……. very good job. keep it up!

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