The biggest crisis

By Mohammad Akbar Notezai

There are plethoras of problems in all provinces of the country, but the problem of Balochistan seems to be deteriorating more and more due to the legislators, have been implementing baseless policies in Balochistan.  Balochistan has been victim of five military operations, the first one in 1948, second one 1957, third one in 1962, forth one in 1973, and fifth on commenced in 2005, is continued up till now.

Those veteran Baloch leaders, who wanted to negotiate with government, they were targeted and killed, were not being asked for the salvation of the problems, especially the Baloch Youth, don’t concur with any reconciliation process.

In Balochistan, 14000 people are missing. Many of them are killed and thrown in desolated areas brutally, without any crime. Their sisters, brothers and parents are shedding tears for their dears, unfortunately, there is no response.

Sadly, government wants to replace the precious lives of the Baloch people with ineffectual packages, which has usually so called been rejected by the Balochistani people.

After denying packages, they were oppressed profoundly. And they were enforced to accept the packages many times, and to abandon protesting, but sacrifices can never go into vain. Therefore, voice of the Baloch People, are being heard internationally. It is instance is the recent bill on Balochistan, which was tabled in US congress. This bill awoke the rulers because in this bill self-determination for Baloch was discussed.

Baloch Nationalists welcomed this bill; they seem to be indebted to congressman Rohrabacher for tabling the bill in US Congress.

On another hand, Pakistan politicians, legislators and especially the religious leader too much denounced the bill. Almost all of them said “American shouldn’t meddle in our domestic matters”.

Here many questions arise like: Is it the internal matter to kill people mercilessly? Is it the domestic matter to throw the bullet riddled bodies of the Balochs? Is it the internal matter to abduct the Baloch civilian without any crime? Of course these questions can not be answered, even by the religious leaders who are silent over the killing of Balochs!

As far as Baloch leaders are concerned, they termed a good step for the down trodden Balochs, especially Baharamdagh Bugti, who by all means backed the bill. He criticized the Pakistani officialdom and legislators over the violation of human rights in Balochistan. He discussed the agonies of Baloch at the hands of establishment, too.

After the tabling of the US bill on Balochistan government and other party leaders going to hold ‘All Parties Conference (APC)’, but Baloch nationalists and leaders, in advance boycotted APC, because they are well acquainted that the APC can never be conducive to them.

If the leaders would call APC four years before while coming in power, then there would be a ray of hope to eliminate the grievances of bereaved Baloch families, but calling APC in these circumstances is beyond everyone’s comprehension.

It is so pathetic when Baloch leaders are in government or the part of government they invest their all energies against their own people, but after being sacked, they are again sympathetic to them. They want to raise voice for them; that is the reason problems increase, can’t be solved.

Recently, interior minister Rehman Malik announced to withdraw Baloch Leaders’ cases, but he didn’t bother to mention their crimes that what were their crimes that he would withdraw? It is obvious that it was just a pretext to show the people via media that government is ready to forgive them, but they are showing aversion.

Interior minister preposterously asserted that foreign hands are involved in Balochistan, and that day isn’t so far when he will make responsible foreign hands for killing, abduction and for the decomposed bodies.

It is assuredly absurd to believe interior minister’s recent claim that only 48 Balochs are missing in Balochistan, which is completely baseless. If the ‘Missing’ persons are just, then what about the decomposed thrown dead bodies’ number touched 300? Isn’t it a thumping lie?

Situation of Balochistan is beyond redemption as well as going to be fiendishly complicated. That is this ‘biggest crisis by hook or by crook should be resolved. They should apologize for the killing of Baloch Leaders, activists and especially the killing of Baloch eminent leader Akbar Khan Bugti and ‘Missing’ person should be released, too, then this can direct us to open up the ways of negotiations and to resolve this complicated issue. If they show aversion form above suggestion of course, situations will be worst, and the salvation of this biggest crisis will not be less than a herculean task.


About Muhammad Akbar Notezai

Muhammad Akbar Notezai is a columnist-cum-political interviewer. He basically belongs to the largest district of Pakistan, Chaghi, which makes a triangular border with Afghanistan and Iran. He was born in Dalbandin (Headquarter of Chaghi), but presently he is living in Quetta. He contributes to these newspapers and periodicals: the Daily Times, The Baloch Hal, View Point, Bolan Voice, Power Politics (An Indian National Magazine), The Balochistan Point and Daily Balochistan Express, Quetta. In addition, he writes and interviews on social, political, cultural and Economic issues of Balochistan. He also covers Iranian Balochistan and Afghanistan.

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