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Demand for a separate province….!

The present government has started a debate in the country about new provinces whether to make or not. It wasn’t ended at all that Pashtoon Khuwa called for a procession in Quetta at Sadiq Shaheed stadium. Accordingly, Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) leaders, addressing a public gathering, categorically said that they wouldn’t live  with Baloch people any longer and demanded for a separate province, despite having already one Pashtoon province in country i.e. Kyber Pakthun Khuwa. They further talked of Baloch places Sibi, Bolan and Quetta, too, that these places would be the part of their South Pashtoon Khuwa. Ironically, they instead of being sympathetic to Balochs at the time of need, they rub salts on their wounds.

When Akbar Khan Bugti, former Chief Minister of Balochistan, invited Pashtoon leaders to demarcate their province, so none of them bothered to go towards Akbar Khan Bugti, then why do they vociferate for a new province, now?

Even many times, some other Baloch leaders had been agreeing to leave the Pashtoon places up to them whether they separate it or merge it in Kyber Pakthun Khuwa, but they did not seem to be ready for it, now they started chanting slogan for new province along with Baloch real places.

On the other hand, a war has been going on in Balochistan between Balochs and state since 2001, ever since many Baloch leaders, intellectuals, doctors, journalists and students in great number, have been killed systematically and brutally. Hundreds of bullet riddled bodies of Baloch youth are being thrown by establishment in desolated areas. Realistically, state’s own institutions, like judiciary and Human Rights Organizations, declared Balochistan a perturbed zone.

Sadly, Balochs’ neighbor and brother nation Pashtoon never condemned these killings, unfortunately, in it’s vice versa they want to vent their anger on them, rather assisting at the time of need.

On 25th June, 2012, quite surprisingly, Mehmood Khan Achakzai, addressing the public gathering, said, “Baloch should no more compel us for announcement of a separate province , if we are not enjoying, so we also won’t let Balochs for enjoyment. From Sibi to Chaman is Pashtoons’ land, including Bolan.”

Moreover, it is cleared to everyone that hapless Baloch people have never enjoyed, in spite of living in a mineral rich province. They have been pushed to the wall many times. If Baloch people would enjoy, certainly, their mothers and sisters would not be sitting near press clubs. The bulled riddled bodies of Baloch people would not be found on daily basis, too. Truly, Balochs’ economy has been affected completely, too by state forces operations. But, Mr. Achakzai calls these all enjoyments!

Mehmood Khan Achakzai is mourning for trucks of Pashtoon people robbed in Baloch areas, not over the massacre of Baloch people. Accordingly, many trucks of Pashtoons have been robbed in Sindh, Punjab and even in his hometown i.e. Chaman, but he is tacit regarding these places.

BNP (Mengal) leader Akhter Mengal in reaction of Pashtoon Khuwa demand said that Mehmood Khan Achakzai is head of PONM (Pakistan’s Oppressed Nation’s Movement) but, unfortunately, this time he strayed from main agenda and working on someone else’s agenda. He further said Pashtoons should have consoled their oppressed Baloch brothers.

Mehmood Khan Achakzai gave the reference of British gazette at the public gathering, so he should remember that Baloch areas and history is thousands years old.

Approximately 40, 0000 Afghan refugees have been accommodated in Balochistan so far; they have been given places by Baloch people when they were homeless after immigration. The Pashtoons are accommodated in Baloch district Chaghi: Girdi Jungle, Zahoor colony, Posti, Brabcha and also in adjacent areas of Chagai. In Nushki: Qadir Abad, Faqeeran and Inaam Boisthan. So, Baloch people how can defraud Pashtoons?

The question stirs in minds of all Pashtoon Khuwa people, that the real issue is Durand Line and prominent Pashtoon nationalist Abdul Ghaffar Khan did not confess it, and as a testament his bodies to be buried in Afghanistan because he did want to distinguish Afghanistan’s Afghans and Pakistan’s Afghans. Well, on the other hand, Pashhtoon Khuwa   totally negates Durand Line issue because the lease of hundred years got expired in 1993.

In fact, Pashtoon Khuwa’s people are enjoying state’s incentives and jobs on behalf of Balochs, will lose all if continued the same attitude. They are occupying all administrative posts, also enjoying mostly educational seats. So, it is better to live like a neighbor as a Chinese maxim “From far living relative, living in neighbor stranger is better”. So, be like a good neighbor, otherwise, the fraternity between Balochs and Pashtoons will be stiff to exist.

(Courtesy to: Bolan Voice)


The Balochistan Journalists’ Conundrum

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai 

Balochistan, despite being mineral rich province of Pakistan, abounds with numerous problems, but this time I put pen to the page for throwing a beam of light on journalists’ issue of Balochistan. Ironically, the issue of the Balochistan’s journalists is neither being paid heed to internationally nor nationally. This is the reason journalistic problems as well as their targeted killing are at continuously increasing.

Balochistan, as compared to other provinces of Pakistan, is not well-developed. There are a great number of problems.

However, as far as land mass of Balochistan is concerned, it makes 43 percent of Pakistan and if we exclude Fata from Pakistan , Balochistan makes half land mass of it. But, unfortunately, it is entirely ignored and forgotten in media and national newspapers.

Undoubtedly, local journalists of Balochistan have been enunciating or writing in local newspapers about the negligence of the national media regarding Balochistan issue.

As we know that journalists are responsible for extracting the truth, but, of course, in Baluchistan , the messengers of truth and those journalists who are performing their duties with bravery are being systematically and brutally killed. Therefore, 22 journalists have been reportedly killed in Balochistan and many more have sustained injuries in the recent past. United Nations has time and again condemned the killing of the journalists in Balochista.

At least three Baloch journalists namely Muhammad Khan Sasoli, Munir Shakir and Faiz Sasoli, have been killed in Khuzdar. That is why Khuzdar and its contiguous areas have transformed into somewhat “no-go areas” for reporters.

A month ago, Razaque Gul Baloch, who belonged to Turbat District, was reporting for a private TV channel; he was kidnapped and shot dead soon after his disappearance.

The Balochistan Union of Journalists and Baloch journalists from Makran protested in Balochistan and took out rally against the brutal killing of Razaque Gul Baloch, but the provincial government, surprisingly, did not condemn his killing.

On International Day of journalists, in media, many programs were held, but the killing of the 22 journalists from Balochistan was not discussed.

Journalist Saleem Shehzad’s killing has been condemned throughout the country, as it must be discussed and condemned, but the killing of many journalists of Balochistan, should have also come under discussion.

As a matter of fact, there are three zones in Balochistan where journalists face  hardships while performing their duties. The three zones: Former Kalat state, Kohlu and Dera Bugti, especially in Nasir Abad, articulates with Sind border. At these places due to strong tribal customs journalists can’t perform their duty honestly. A typical example is the killing of three girls in Nasirabad district, and the local journalists were threatened not to report about the incident, so the incident didn’t come under discussion.

It is also undeniable that, journalists in rural areas of Balochistan, are not well educated, so for getting jobs and other incentives from elites they quit writing or reporting against them.

Besides these three zones, Makran division, consisting of Turbat, Panjgur and Gwadar, comes. It is apparent that education ratio in Makran is high, and has produced plethora of talented people, like intellectuals, poets, journalists, etc. One of them is Attah Shahd, from Makran; his interesting and beautiful poems are still reverberating in the hearts of the people of Balochistan.

As I squeezed my mind to remember other prominent personalities of the Makran division, Ghani Parvaaz was potpourri of writer, journalist and intellectual.

Since 1947 up till today, in Makran, there is no any Sardar or Nawab. The people are prodigiously enlightened; have an aversion to Sardari and Nawabi system. Confidently, enlightened people of the Makran flatly deny the claim of the govt that Sardars or Nawabs are obstacles on the progress of the Balochistan, because Sardari or Nawabi system doesn’t exist in Makran at all. Then why isn’t Makran progressed?

Makran, after Quetta , is the only place where local news papers publish; also there are press clubs in Turbat, Panjgur and Gwadar. Consecutively, for few years situation of Makran is warmed due to the conflict of the Gwadar port, area journalists are being given threats security forces to not report about the situation.

In Balochistan along with Baloch Journalists, journalists of the Pashthoon belt are also  facing problems due to lack of resources. The feudal and tribal system is also rampant in Pashthoon belt, creating hurdles for the local Pashthoon journalists. That is why freedom of press is not possible there.

Wali Khan Babar, the reporter of Geo TV, was shot to death in Karachi by the extortionists of the Karachi ’s largest party. He hailed from Zhob, a Pashthoon district of Balochistan. Yet the murderers of Wali Khan Babar have not been apprehended by Police.

Pashthoon places are in proximity to provincial capital Quetta ; therefore, many of the Pashthoon journalists publish their news papers form Quetta . They also send their news papers to Pashthoon belt of Balochistan.

If we have a glance over the provincial capital of the Balochistan, journalists, as compared to other cities of Balochistan, are prosperous. The majority of journalists, who are in Quetta , as mentioned above, belong to other provinces. Sadly, they are cut off from other cities of Balochistan’s journalists. That is why Balochistan issues can’t be perceived thoroughly, people’s indignation is getting intensified, instead of abating.

Keeping the above journalistic problems into consideration; it becomes government’s responsibility to resolve them as soon as possible, also make it’s every endeavor to stop targeted killing of Balochistan’s journalists. If not resolved, the situation in the province will, otherwise, go out of control.

Published in The Baloch Hal  on July 10, 2012 

Balochistan Conundrum

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai
Gone are the days when people of the Balochistan lived an idyllic life and peace thrived in this part of the region. They had congenial,compassion,benign,and kindness feelings for each other.There was no tinge of thought that linguistic problems would be a conundrum for the people of  Balochistan.
They were providing assistance to each other,but after the assassination of the Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti,situation changed tremendously,and Balochistan, the lap of civilization and the home of great warriors, fell prey to evil eyes,conspiracies and horrendous violence.
Balochitan presents a bleak picture after Parvez Musharraf  ordered the assassination of former governor Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. Hence circumstances went from bad to worse. Tranquility  faded away. The province went into clutches of chaos and disturbance.
Balochistan’s peace has been shattered and its entire fate has been left at the hands of federal government which has further aggravated its future. The federal government has pushed the people of Balochistan  into the dark alleys of ignorance and negligence which is very pathetic and soul harrowing.
This region has faced much deprivation since its inception and its progress has been hurdled by the policymakers .That is why its peace seems a far-fetched idea. Everyday we hear the wailing of a widow,screams of an orphan child,poignant cries of a mother ,and the bewailing of a sister whose brother has been shot to death before their eyes.
The assassination of the Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti changed the mindset of the people besides attracting tremendous condemnation. People’s hopes attached to the government disappeared. But it could make no problem for the Former President General Musharrraf because he was confident that the Dukes of the Balochistan were in his hands. He did not realize that Balochs did not follow Dukes.Therefore the Former President faced harshest criticism,and had to abandon his throne.
As the PPP came into the power, people saw some hope as President Asif Ali Zardari made an apology for Musharraf’s sordid actions. However, soon Baloch people were overwhelmed with sorrows over the killing of three more eminent Baloch Nationalists,Ghulam Muhammad Baloch,Lala Munir Baloch,and the Sher Muhammad Baloch.Their policy proved to be havoc for the people of Baluchistan.They cannot manipulate the situation going on in Balochistan.Their so-called democracy arose manyfold problems,like the targeted killing of the people,unabated disappearances of the Baloch and their bullet-riddled bodies,and kidnap for ransom,reached its pinnacle.
The PPP leaders from the Center even do not bother to visit Balochistan to resolve the manifold problems the province is confronted with. They are playing the role of a silent spectator. Even the governor and provincial chief minister all call themselves powerless officials. Yet, they do not bother to resign from their offices.They only complain that the federal government does not listen to them.
The chief of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N),Nawaz Sharif, wants to resolve the complex issue of the Balochistan from Raiwand (Where he dwells) but,unfortunately, resolving the Balochistan issue is not as easy as he thinks.
In a nutshell, the people of Balochistan have become lost hope from the federal government and they have given up hoping that Islamabad would give them their rights.
(Courtesy to: The Baloch Hal)

An interview with Balochistan National Party leader Agha Hassan Baloch

Interviewed by Mohammad Akbar Notezai

Photography by Bashir Ahmed Ijabari

Q: What is the issue of the Balochistan? What do Baloch people want?

A: Well, issue of the Balochistan is clear; people are struggling for the self-determination because there are many countries have got their self-determination through United Nations. Self-determination wants those countries which have been an independent state.

Q: Some of the political parties don’t agree with your party notion self-determination, why do you say?

A: if someone doesn’t agree with our notion it is their own opinion, by the way, those who are in abroad they don’t say we want freedom they talk about self-determination although they would say freedom here in Balochistan. Let me tell you one more thing that self-determination never means that it is for provincial autonomy if Noor-ud-Din Mengal and Mehran Baloch go to UN, they also discuss self-determination.

Q: Where is the situation of the Balochistan taking Baloch people?

A: Listen, whatever the situation of the Bangladesh was, the same situation is in Balochistan. Establishment doesn’t want any one of nation to be superior in this except Punjab. As they did same when Bangalis won the election, but they didn’t acknowledge their mandate etc. situation is deteriorated in Balochistan. They are killing our political workers and leaders. As they have killed 33 people from just our party.

Q: You call your party the biggest party of the Balochistan, what has this biggest party done for the Balochistani people?

A: Yes, it is true; our party has unified Baloch people. Even our veteran leader Sardar Attah Ullah who still discusses Balocistan’s concerns, his son and family members have been victimized.

Q: How do you see the relationship between Balochs and Pashtoons?

A: Relationship between Baloch and Pashtoon is good, because many of Pashtoons over belong to our party, put regarding Afghan refugees we have always protested.

Q: What do you say about the intrusion of Afghan refugees in Balochistan?

A: Approximately 4 Million refugees are in Balochistan and BNP is the only party that has been protesting against their presence.

Q: Recently, UNHCR claimed that a number of Afghan refugees repatriated involuntarily to Afghanistan, is it true?

A: No, it is not true. They are still in Balochistan. This claim is baseless.

Q: America is going to exit Afghanistan by 2014, what will be their effect on us after 2014?

A: By 2011, America should send back Afghan refugees to Afghanistan, if they want to see Afghanistan a democratic and stable.

Q: Pashtoonkhawa Mili Awami Party claims that many of the Baloch districts come in South Pashtoonkhuwa?

A: It is illogic, it is not true.

Q: You are allied in PONUM conference said, “Whether Establishment kills a Baloch or Baloch from them, I don’t condemn it”. What do you say?

A: Not only BNP but also NP and other parties were with them. They should condemn the killing of the Baloch people, military operation and the missing persons.

Q: How do you see the political parties of the Pakistan? Can they resolve issue of the Balochistan?

A: None of them can resolve the issue of the Balochistan because establishment doesn’t want to resolve this issue.

Q: Does your party participate in coming elections?

A: It is up to time, we will make decision after realization of situations.

Q: Was there any loss when your party boycotted from elections in 2008?

A: Yes, there was because now those are representing Baloch who know nothing.

Q: What do you say about your closest friend Habib Jalib Baloch, why was he killed?

A: Habib Jalib, who was the asset of our party, was killed brutally. He worked for the welfare of Baloch on every platform. That is why he was killed.

Q: When Sardar Attah Ullah Mengal says something in his interview, then on another day, Sardar Akhtar Mengal says it isnot the view of party. Why? Does it mean your party leaders are not united?

A: No, we are united. Sardar Attah Ullah Mengal is honorable as well the founder of our party. Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s statement was magnified.

Q: What is difference between Musharraf’s regime and PP government?

A: Befor me there is no difference between them. Even pp rulers are more showing barbarity.

Q: But Sardar Akhtar was released at the time of PP, wasn’t he?

A: I know he was released but what was his crime that they tortured him mentally and physically for two years. He didn’t commit any crime.

Q: Do you have any alliance with BRP and NP?

A: Our ideologies are same, especially with BRP as they said “BNF is using its all energy against BNP”.

Q: What has your party done about those Balochs who don’t speak Balochi at all, especially in Eastern Balochistan?

A: Well, where ever we go we speak Balochi or Brahvi. Our party wbsite is into two languages Balochi and Brahvi.

“So-called TRIBALISM”

By Mohammad Akbar Notezai

Eons ago, when human beings stepped on this earth and his survival were contingent upon the nature. He could get his requirements full-filled by the assistance of animals. He had a strong desire and feeling to merge with living objects and form a society.

The wreckage of Mahergar is ample proof of our ancestors. Who embellished and made various kinds of pots, as well as made their lives convenient, decent by putting their shoulders to wheel.

Mahergar with its civilization is very old and the Baloch tribe, who came from unknown places, made Baloch-istan their permanent dwelling-place. Even if we peruse their history, so we will find that Mahergar is much older than the rest of the tribes like Persian and Arabs.

The catastrophes and daunting events such as tremor, storm, eruption of volcano and flood contributed to bring human beings together and created a sense of mutual understanding, love, compassion, empathy among them and they shared innovative ideas with one another about a new life.

The enormous animals such as Dinosaurs faced extinct existence because they were cut off from their environment and did not have relation with other animals around them.

When human being first set back his foot step on this planet, was in the form of ghost, and did not have a visible appearance on earth which later on changed into tribes and conglomeration of different tribes formed nation. Where people had common language, but sometimes people were multilingual in a single nation. They had their own culture, interest and land.

Baloch is also a nation whose land touches various borders, and stretched to vast areas. Baloch land is no doubt rich in natural resources and as well as fertile and productive for agriculture, but sadly, it is not under their control because Baloch Tribe lost its kudos and worth.

Gone are the days when Baloch tribes would elect a tribal chief on merit basis, so the elected upright man would run the affairs of tribe with honesty and served the people with their rights.

The arrival of the Diabolic Britishers to Balochistan had adverse effects on democratic system and destroyed it completely. The tribal system was replaced by hierarchy, where the heir would consider the awaiting thrown his father’s legacy and they were bent upon their violence and commotion in the peaceful area.

The Britishers gave rise to social injustice. Linguistic problems above all spread mess all around. The tribal system received a set back and socialism lay moribund.

In this way we reach to a conclusion that in fact, the tribesmen can only raise the tone of tribal system, but it was intrusion of the Britishers to which tribal system lost its authenticity and faced a sharp decline

The Baloch youth and Balochistan crisis

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai

In present scenario, of course, disgruntled Baloch youth is bristling with anger motto is the killing of their brethren brutally at the hands of establishment, which has alienated them from Islamabad.

They show aversion from any reconciliation process set up by the government because they have been betrayed many times. On one hand, government tries to negotiate with them, but on another hand, their ‘kill and dump’ policy is going on.

Unfortunately, abduction of youth, in Balochistan, is substantially increasing day by day, which has put their relatives behind the eight ball.They have been protesting against the abduction of their loved ones for years, but no one seems to resolve these manifold issues.

They are being shown stick usually to not stand for the fundamental rights of the Balochistans’ people, who despite living in mineral rich province, are bereft of basic necessities.

Undoubtedly, the corpses of Baloch youth is being thrown in abandoned areas of the Balochistan mercilessly by so called democratic government. If they have committed any crime, then they ought to be produced before court because court can only castigate them if they are blameworthy.

Recently, chief of PML-N Nawaz Sharif went to Karachi to meet veteran Baloch leader Sardar Attah Ullah Mengal who point blank criticized the army and entitled it ‘Punjabi army’. He further said, “The leadership is in the hands of youth, they don’t want to live in a country in which they received bodies of their brethren.” He further opined that the situation reached the point of no return.

Nawaz Sharif declared Sardar Attah Ullah Menagl’s allegations legitimate, and committed to negotiate with Baloch youth after coming in power, but many questions raise here: Will disgruntled Baloch youth negotiate with him? Will packages soothe the bereaved families of the ‘missing’ persons who tendered sacrifices for a great purpose? Will they be given their rights? It will definitely be a toughest task for him.

Subsequently, Nawaz Sharif met Talal Akbar Bugti (President of the Jamhoori Watan Party), he pledged him to give his father’s killers exemplary punishment, but he didn’t bother to ask about whereabouts of the bereaved families who are protesting for their relatives. It shows that PML-N chief merely gives priority to Baloch people for the coming election; unfortunately, he doesn’t want to pour oil on the troubled waters.

It is beyond comprehension that why is Imran Khan sympathetic to Baloch people? Does it mean that he has the support of the establishment? Well, he may have, because without support of the establishment none of them can rule in the country. That is why he discusses Balochistan’s concerns in his rallies because establishment may bring him to soothe Baloch people, especially the disgruntled Baloch youth, but they can not be tricked this time.

In fact, Imran Khan has become the leader of the turn courts who have enjoyed government with PPP, PML-Q and PML-N as well as has been the part of the military operations in Balochistan. PTI’s chief, with them, can never resolve the situation of the Balochistan.

Many of the political parties after coming in power, apologized Baloch people, then they became brutal to them. Imran Khan is going to follow their foot steps.

But Baloch people, especially Baloch youth is well acquainted with their policies that at first they apologize and then start suppressing them. Its instance is the Ex-General Parvez Musharraf’s regime and PPP’s government.

Ex General Parvez Musharraf apologized, and then launched fifth military operation in Balochistan which is still going on.

On another side, PPP did same that president Asif Ali Zardari apologized, then throwing of mutilated corpses of Balochs started, is continued up till now.

All political parties seem to be puppet in the hands of establishment which has treated Balochs and Baloch youth very badly. They are even killing educated Balochs who are raising voice for the disappearance of their brethren; therefore, it is going to alienate them more and more from Islamabad.

The political leaders had better think for the Balochistani people, who are downtrodden. They need to take stern steps for removing their sense of deprivation, because through barrel of gun they can never be brought into national mainstream.

28th May: Nuclear Tests in Chaghi

By Muhammad Akbar Notezai

Pakistan , on May 28, 1998, tested the nuclear tests in the mountains of district Chaghi, comes in northwest of Balochistan. Undoubtedly, people living in other provinces, especially people of Punjab , celebrate the 28th of May with zeal and zest. They hold functions in busiest cities of the country on the same day, however, in busiest cities; people will assuredly be hectic with their works. That is the reason they are incognizant, knowing nothing about the venue where nuclear tests were tested and caused severe destruction in the same area.

Nevertheless, it is beyond comprehension that why have these tests been tested in district Chaghi? Don’t they know that Chaghi is a backward district where people are deprived of their basic necessities? Are they much facilitated? Anyhow, these questions can’t be answered, and then I shall not pose more questions, shall I? 

Now let us know about the whereabouts of the people of Chaghi; indeed it is a densely populated district and its area is stretched to Iran and Afghanistan as well as known the biggest district of the Pakistan.

Chaghi is known as the golden district of the Pakistan, also where Saindak and Rekodik projects are running. Copper and Gold, in great quantity, are being extracted for many years, but its people, unfortunately, are living in medieval ages.

Mostly people of the Chaghi are farmers, historically Chaghi was known the land of wells, but this all has been affected largely aftermath of nuclear tests. It caused the evaporation of the water from the land of Chaghi; people hardly cultivate something for the fulfillment of their needs, which is very pathetic.

Contiguous districts of the Chaghi are Kharan, Nushki and Washuk, have also been affected from the nuclear tests.

In remote areas of district Chaghi, people graze sheep and goats, and from these animals they also fulfill their many requirements, like from their wool and hair, taints, clothes, handicrafts and many more stuffs, but pathetically, the source of their income, has been affected substantially. Anyhow, its reason is conspicuous, that is the nuclear tests, and snatched the basic requirements of chaghi’s people.

It is obvious that many unforeseen diseases, in Chaghi, got birth after the nuclear tests. It took away many people’s lives, and many more are disease stricken. Sadly, the people of the Chaghi are uneducated, especially in its remote areas; hapless people don’t consult doctors when they suffer from a malady. The diseases in Chaghi: Skin cancer, blood cancer, stomachache, disabled children, Arthritis, disfigured external organs, asthma, etc. During labor many women died, also after giving birth. 

As it is already mentioned above that Chaghi and its adjacent areas are dependent on agriculture. They cultivate corns, grains, figs, water melon, vegetables, grapes, etc, water for plantation comes form streams in the hills, to a greater extent, these all changed due to radiation, caused drastic changes in environment.

Aftermath of nuclear tests, it is reported that the large number of cattle of the people in these areas died, reason was the high level radiation.

Ali Raza Rind, local journalist of Chaghi, said, “Many people suffered from nuclear tests, can’t get themselves treated due to lack of facilities of medical. They can’t come to Quetta too, because of poverty”.

Indeed, hospitals in district Chaghi are in pitiable condition, there is only one well known in Dalbandin, headquarter of Chaghi, which was built by Governor of Saudia King Tabuk But in present times, hospital shows a deserted look, no doctors, medicines, administration or other facilities are available in hospital. Patients are always referred to Quetta for treatment. Besides Dalbandin, in three more thesils, like Nukkundi, Chagay, and Taftan, pathetically, there are no good hospitals.

Ex Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, after nuclear tests, said in Chaghi,” I will make Chaghi a modern district, people will be provided jobs. I will provide poor people of district Chaghi the basic necessities of life, like food, cloth and housing. I will construct roads hospitals and schools.” But these all claims went purposeless and Chaghi is still the same as it was before. These all clearly show the indolence of the Ex Prime Minister that being the prime minister of the country he couldn’t develop a district, and then what can he do for the county ahead?

Ex-Chief Minister of Balochistan Akhtar Mengal said that he was not informed about the nuclear tests in Chaghi, but it was appeared, a day before from nuclear tests, in “Jang” newspaper that Pakistan would test it nuclear capability at Raskoh. However, he is a great leader, as done a lot for the drown trodden Baloch People, regarding nuclear tests, he must clear that what were the compulsions which didn’t let him stop the rulers from testing the nuclear tests in Chaghi, Balochistan.

Every year, people on 28th May, hold placards, banners, etc in order to celebrate the day. They play songs; decorate the all cities of the other provinces, and calling it “Yaum-e-Takbeer” which means Allah’s greatness day, but people of the Balochistan observe this day as a black day because it has caused severe destruction to the area dwellers of the Chaghi, Balochsitan.

The biggest crisis

By Mohammad Akbar Notezai

There are plethoras of problems in all provinces of the country, but the problem of Balochistan seems to be deteriorating more and more due to the legislators, have been implementing baseless policies in Balochistan.  Balochistan has been victim of five military operations, the first one in 1948, second one 1957, third one in 1962, forth one in 1973, and fifth on commenced in 2005, is continued up till now.

Those veteran Baloch leaders, who wanted to negotiate with government, they were targeted and killed, were not being asked for the salvation of the problems, especially the Baloch Youth, don’t concur with any reconciliation process.

In Balochistan, 14000 people are missing. Many of them are killed and thrown in desolated areas brutally, without any crime. Their sisters, brothers and parents are shedding tears for their dears, unfortunately, there is no response.

Sadly, government wants to replace the precious lives of the Baloch people with ineffectual packages, which has usually so called been rejected by the Balochistani people.

After denying packages, they were oppressed profoundly. And they were enforced to accept the packages many times, and to abandon protesting, but sacrifices can never go into vain. Therefore, voice of the Baloch People, are being heard internationally. It is instance is the recent bill on Balochistan, which was tabled in US congress. This bill awoke the rulers because in this bill self-determination for Baloch was discussed.

Baloch Nationalists welcomed this bill; they seem to be indebted to congressman Rohrabacher for tabling the bill in US Congress.

On another hand, Pakistan politicians, legislators and especially the religious leader too much denounced the bill. Almost all of them said “American shouldn’t meddle in our domestic matters”.

Here many questions arise like: Is it the internal matter to kill people mercilessly? Is it the domestic matter to throw the bullet riddled bodies of the Balochs? Is it the internal matter to abduct the Baloch civilian without any crime? Of course these questions can not be answered, even by the religious leaders who are silent over the killing of Balochs!

As far as Baloch leaders are concerned, they termed a good step for the down trodden Balochs, especially Baharamdagh Bugti, who by all means backed the bill. He criticized the Pakistani officialdom and legislators over the violation of human rights in Balochistan. He discussed the agonies of Baloch at the hands of establishment, too.

After the tabling of the US bill on Balochistan government and other party leaders going to hold ‘All Parties Conference (APC)’, but Baloch nationalists and leaders, in advance boycotted APC, because they are well acquainted that the APC can never be conducive to them.

If the leaders would call APC four years before while coming in power, then there would be a ray of hope to eliminate the grievances of bereaved Baloch families, but calling APC in these circumstances is beyond everyone’s comprehension.

It is so pathetic when Baloch leaders are in government or the part of government they invest their all energies against their own people, but after being sacked, they are again sympathetic to them. They want to raise voice for them; that is the reason problems increase, can’t be solved.

Recently, interior minister Rehman Malik announced to withdraw Baloch Leaders’ cases, but he didn’t bother to mention their crimes that what were their crimes that he would withdraw? It is obvious that it was just a pretext to show the people via media that government is ready to forgive them, but they are showing aversion.

Interior minister preposterously asserted that foreign hands are involved in Balochistan, and that day isn’t so far when he will make responsible foreign hands for killing, abduction and for the decomposed bodies.

It is assuredly absurd to believe interior minister’s recent claim that only 48 Balochs are missing in Balochistan, which is completely baseless. If the ‘Missing’ persons are just, then what about the decomposed thrown dead bodies’ number touched 300? Isn’t it a thumping lie?

Situation of Balochistan is beyond redemption as well as going to be fiendishly complicated. That is this ‘biggest crisis by hook or by crook should be resolved. They should apologize for the killing of Baloch Leaders, activists and especially the killing of Baloch eminent leader Akbar Khan Bugti and ‘Missing’ person should be released, too, then this can direct us to open up the ways of negotiations and to resolve this complicated issue. If they show aversion form above suggestion of course, situations will be worst, and the salvation of this biggest crisis will not be less than a herculean task.

Whereabouts of the Kurds

By Mohammad Akbar Notezai

If we peruse the history of the Kurds they are largely Sunni Muslims with their own language and culture, living in adjacent areas of the Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Armenia, is a mountainous region of the southwest Asia which is called Kurdistan (Land of Kurds).

The Kurds grazed sheep and goats as well lived a nomadic life before World War-I.

The Kurds have been betrayed many times, not to be given recognition. That is why they are still striving for the autonomy, especially in Turkey in which their cultural rights are snatched. Under duress Kurds wear Turkish costumes when they go to cities. They are called, in Turkey, mountainous Turks’, not the mountainous Kurds.

The break up of the Ottoman Empire created many states, but not a separate Kurdistan. Unfortunately, they are free to roam any where, are forced to quit migration and tradition.

The treaty of Severes, in 1920, formed new states like Iraq, Syria and Kuwait, but the possibility of a Kurdish state was not implemented at that time. Soon after the throw of the Turkish monarchy by Ataturk,Turkey,Iran and Iraq did not agree to declare an independent Kurdistan.

Kurds faced repression, in Iraq, at the hand of Saddam Hussain because the favored in the 1980-1998 Iran-Iraq war, Saddam Hussain vented his anger on innocent Kurds by using nuclear weapons against then in Kurds’ dwelling villages. It forced 2 Million Kurds to flee from Iraq to Iran, but more then 5 Million Kurds are still living in Iraq.

Unfortunately, Kruds in their region are hardly unified, like two factions of the Kurds in Iraq, had a skirmish which killed many of the Kurds belong to Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Bargzani, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, led by Jalal Talabani. They were brought to cease fire in 1998.

While, Kurdistan Workers’ Party, the PKK is backing on insurgency in Turkey for an independent state, which is opposed by Kurds’ faction Massoud Barzani, live in Iraqi Kurdistan and they want Self-Government with in Iraq.

Abdullah Ocalan, founder of the PKK, was killed by Turkish forces. His killing instigated the masses for demonstration in Turkey, especially the European part of the Turkey. There is why now they are for an independent state.

Background of the Kurds:

Of course, Kurds have been crushed many times whenever they tried to set up an independent state in Iran,Iraq and Turkey.

The Kurdish people:

15 to 20 Million Kurds live in a mountainous area the borders of Armenia,Iran,Iraq,Syria and Turkey. About 8 Million live in southeastern Turkey.

They are non-Arabic people who speak a language related to Persian most adhere to the Sunni Muslim faith.


Kurds are promised independence by the treaty of Severes in 1920.

In 1923, Turkish leader Mustafa Attaturk rejected the treaty, and Turkish forces crushed Kurdish uprising in 1920s and 1930s.

In 1978, Abdullah Ocalan established PKK, advocates independence in 1979, Ocalan flees Turkey for Syria. In 1984, Ocalan’s PKK begins armed struggled against Turkish forces, which costs 30,000 lives. Abdullah is captured in 1999, where he faces the death penalty.


1946: Kurds’ republic of Mahabad, with backing Soviet Union, is crushed Iranian monarch.

1979: Iran’s revolution allows Kurds to establish unofficial border area free of Iranian government; Kruds don’t hold it for a longtime.


Kurds in Northern Iraq, revolt in 1919, 1923 and 1932, but are crushed.

Under Mustafa Bargani, they wage on intermittent struggle against Baghdad.

1970: Baghdad gives Kurds language and self-rule, but deal breaks down over oil revenues.

1974: Iraqis force 130,000 Kurds in to Iran, but Iran withdraws its support for Kurds the following year.

1988: Iraqis launch poison-gas attack, killing 5,000 Kurds in town of Halabjd.

1991: After Persian Gulf War,Northern Iraq’s Kurdish area comes under international protection.

1999: Two rival Iraqi Kurdish factions one led by Mustafa Bargani’s son Massoud the other by Jalal Talabani, broker a peace deal, goal is for Kurdish area to become part of a democratic Iraq.